July 18, 2024
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Janvi Kapoor shares skin and hair care DIY recipes which Sridevi passed on to her children

Jhanvi-KapoorRecently with an interview, Janvi Kapoor shares skin and hair care DIY recipes which Sridevi passed on to her children.

Janhvi Kapoor made her debut with Dharma production’s Dhadak. Apart from her shoots, the beauty queen is very well admired for her flawless skin and perfect hairs.  Kapoor’s solo appearance on her first red carpet at Vogue Beauty Awards 2018, stunned the audience! During her makeover session, Janhvi had shared some DIY tips that benefit the hair and skin care while engrossed in a conversation with Vogue.   Which she determiners that these natural remedies were passed to her and her sister by their late mother Sridevi.

“All traditional foods are Janhvi’s go to hair recipe. She uses a lot of food for her hair like beer, eggs and methi. The best ever remedy and almost every Indian child would follow this process. An oil massage can never beat any other natural remedies.” Says Janvi.  

She also said, her mom would make natural hair oil at home with Amla and dried flowers. she was also determined that Kushi and Janvi follow up with an oil massage every three days.

The Kapoor girl who has a beaming skin glow, reveal “With the leftover fruits from breakfast, she would prefer a blend with the fruits and apply on the face.”


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