July 29, 2021
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B R Shetty Murder Attempt Case: Chhota Rajan convicted

Infamous gangster Chhota Rajan has been convicted by a court in Mumbai for attempting to murder business tycoon B R Shetty.

Apart from his, around five others have also been punished in the case. All the convicted persons have been awarded the stiffer sentence of eight years imprisonment. The convicted persons have also been fined Rs five lakh each.

The incident occurred in the year 2012. The businessman was shot by two motorcyclists sent by the gangster. The businessman suffered a serious bullet injury. Fortunately, he recovered from the injury.

The gangster fled the country months after the incident. It was in the year 2015 that he was brought back to India from his hiding in Indonesia.

Last year, the same court awarded him the severe punishment of life imprisonment for his involvement in the murder of journalist J Dey.

Chhota Rajan was one of the dangerous criminals in Mumbai. His rivalry with his former friend and dreaded gangster Dawood gave several hot stories to the Mumbai-based newspaper during the peak days of his criminal career in the city. He allegedly suffered several murder attempt from the gang led by his prime rival Dawood. The main source of money for the gangs operated in the city was extortion. It was the business community who suffered the most due to the gangs.

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