July 29, 2021

Sreesanth to come back to Indian cricket soon

Pacer Sreesanth is likely to come back to the Indian cricket soon. The BCCI has lately reduced his life ban to seven years ban, paving the way for his return to the International cricket. He has already completed more than six years. As per the new order, his ban is expected to end on August next year.

Earlier, the top court of the country asked the BCCI to reconsider the quantum of punishment within the time frame of three months.

The cricket has expressed his happiness in the verdict of the BCCI. He told that he was expecting the order. He has also expressed his confidence in coming back to the mainstream cricket in the near future.

Sreesanth is an exceptional pacer. He has taken more than 85 wickets in less than 30 cricket matches.

It was during the peak of his career he fell into the pit of miseries because of a match-fixing scam.

The verdict of the BCCI is in reality the rebirth of the cricket career of this extra-ordinary cricketer.

He was the part of the team which won the world cup for India. He was fortunate enough to share the ground with several talented cricketers like M S Dhoni.

During his career, apart from this case, he stumbled upon many controversies. His aggressive attitude even irritated his colleagues.

He recently joined the BJP. And, he contested in a prominent constituency in the Kerala’s capital city Trivandrum for the Saffron Party. Importantly, he demonstrated good performance in the election.

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