August 17, 2022

Australian Govt curbs Press Freedom

Few weeks after a new centre-rightist government was inducted in the Australian seat of power, a series of search operations has been conducted targeting journalists in the country, which projects itself as the biggest protector and supporter of the freedom of press or journalists and free speech and expression.

The search operation has even been conducted in the headquarters of a prominent media house based Australia, ABC.

As per a source, the police officials, who has rushed into the media house head office located in Sydney, has searched for some journalists, saying that they have procured the arrest warrants from the competent authorities to take the journalists into their custody.

According to a media report, the journalists have been hunted for their involvement in the expose of some sensitive classified documents related to the Australian defence forces’ illegal involvements in the war devastated Middle East.

As per the report, the main change against the searched journalists is that they have illegally procured the classified documents and publicised those documents without the permission of the competent authorities – in other words, they have exposed several unpleasant details regarding the Australian defence forces’ wicked engagement in the war affected Middle East, which the government does not want to appear in the public space and let the public opinion makers to create any discussion around it.

The Australian experience is the latest of the government sponsored crackdown against the right of journalists to do their duty fearlessly and sincerely.

It seems that as the modern government evolves, it becomes more and more hostile to the concept of free speech and expression. Why is that so?

Most journalist organisations have condemned the action. The organisations have loudly expressed their concern about the future of the freedom of press in the country.

Anyway, the ABC management asserts that they will support their journalists and stand by them always.

Vignesh. S. G
Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright


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