May 28, 2022
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Congress with the Youth Manifesto following the representation of women in candidates

The Congress is all set to launch the Youth Manifesto ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections. Uttar Pradesh Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are expected to release the Youth Manifesto tomorrow. The Congress’ new electoral strategy is aimed at the youth of the state after it shocked the youth over the presence of women in the candidate list.

The Youth Manifesto will be released tomorrow at the AICC headquarters in Delhi. The Youth Manifesto is an indication of how the Congress Party will deal with the many problems facing the youth of the state, such as unemployment, unemployment wages and job security. Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinath explained that if women are oppressed, the manifesto will aim to get them to where they want to be under the sun. According to the Congress, Uttar Pradesh is facing a situation of denial of entry and denial of employment.

According to Supriya Srinath, the Congress is not trying to bring down a person by constantly making noise but instead proposing solutions to problems. That is why the Congress claims that their campaign is positive. Of the 41 candidates released on Thursday, 16 were women. Elections to the 403 – member assembly have been announced in seven phases. The election will be held from February 10 to March 7 in seven phases. The results will be announced on March 10.

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