December 11, 2023
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A city is ruled by a herd of sweet-hearted monkeys, and the natives in a frenzy

Sweet-loving monkeys rule an entire city. The monkey harassment was beyond description after the Covid expansion in the city, which even organized celebrations for the monkeys. The city of Lopburi in Thailand is almost completely ruled by monkeys. The good times of the natives and the good times of the monkeys started when the tourists did not come here after the spread of Covid.

During the tourist season, monkeys roamed only in limited areas. Monkeys were also spayed and neutered at regular intervals. As the closures became active after Covid, the monkeys reached out to all areas. After the harassment of monkeys in the streets and houses increased, the locals started feeding the monkeys. They were fed sweet soft drinks and sweets that were available in the market at low prices. According to local media reports, the attack was intensified.

With the cessation of sterilization at regular intervals, the manpower also increased. Currently, monkeys play in a way that challenges the very lives of the people in the city. After the formation of groups of monkeys, fights between them are common. The city is located 90 miles north of Bangkok.  As the monkeys began to fight for food and to roam their territory, even children could not get off the streets. Vehicles, including cars parked on the road, were repeatedly damaged by the monkeys.

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