August 3, 2021

Nipah Status: Around 314 quarantined and over seven placed in isolation ward

With the admission of two more suspected Nipah infected patients into the isolation ward specially developed by the state health department to treat the suspected virus infected patients, the total number of suspected virus infected people, who have been placed in the aforesaid type of ward, has reached the number of seven.

Meanwhile, the state health authorities have developed a list of those who have been in close contact with the student whose infection status have been conformed recently and is being treated in a hospital in Eranakulam on the supervision of a group of highly efficient doctors who has enormous experience in handling tough health emergencies like the one the state confronts now.

Hundreds of people have found place in the list. Notably, at least 314 of those who have appeared in the list have been quarantined in order to prevent the possible spread of the virus infection and to closely monitor their health status effectively.

The central and state governments are monitoring the situation closely. Both have offered all necessary assistance to contain the disease outbreak.

The Kerala heath department once effectively fought this disease, when it first appeared in the northern region of the state. So, this time, the department, it seems, is pretty much confident that it will not let the disease make any harm to the people of that state.

From what little is known about the situation at this moment, it can be assumed that there is nothing to get panic about. The authorities assure that the situation is under control.

Meanwhile, the government has warned of strict action against those who spread fake information about the disease through the social media platforms.

Last time, when the disease first appeared, some fake traditional health experts launched an effective counter campaign against the narrative the state health authorities developed about that outbreak.

Anyway, bats are believed to be the carriers of this disease. It is advised not to eat the fruits spoiled by any kind of bat bite or bat scratch.

People are advised to keep their personal hygiene standards high, at least until the state fully overcomes the danger.

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