August 3, 2021

Taiwan to increase the strength of its defence capability

Taiwan has decided to make a huge defence purchase in few days. The purchase list includes tanks and anti-tank missile system. From where the country is going to purchase these key defence elements is the question of the hours. The seller is none other than the US. Defiantly, the business will irritate China, who still considers as their integral part.

Taiwan is the nation of the nationalists who escaped from China during the Communist Revolution in China with the help of the US naval force.

The country considers it as an independent nation. And, it does not recognise the right of China over its territory and people.

In a sense, Taiwan is a country whose existence solely depends up on the presence of the US naval force in its shores.

There were certain limitations for Taiwan to increase its military capacity due to its continued dispute with China.

The new development indicates that with the support of the US the country is preparing t0 defy that limitations for the improvement of its military capacity – thus its national security index.

Taiwan is likely to buy as many as 100 modern tanks in the initial stage. It will also buy a couple of anti-tank missile systems also.

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