April 16, 2024
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Legendary poll strategist Prashant Kishor heads towards West Bengal

In West Bengal, the TMC’s vote share, which was moving upwards consistently, has been considerably reduced in this recent election, as the BJP has entered the political space of the state aggressively, replaying to the regional party’s aggressive attitude towards its rivals in the state in the same coin.

The loss, for the TMC, is a reminder that it can no longer relay on its present style of politics and it needs a revamp or a complete restructure –for its top to its bottom.

A recent report indicates that the TMC has already found a way to achieve its new goal –the goal for its survival.

That method is not different from the one used by the YSR Congress in the recent general election and the recent assembly election in Andhra Pradesh; the one used by the Congress in Punjab in the latest assembly election; the one used by the JD (U) in the latest assembly election in Bihar; and, importantly, the one used by the BJP in its 2014 attempt to overthrow the then Congress regime and replace it with a BJP-led regime.

The peculiarity of that method is that it does not know the dark feeling of failure. It only knows the bright feeling of success.

That method is none other than the method developed by renowned poll strategist Prashant Kishor.

The rumoured deal the JD (U) vice-president has reached with the TMC in connection with the West Bengal based party’s proposed rejuvenation has stunned many political observers.

Since the former entrance of Mr Kishor into the politics, he has been closely associated with his party and, hence, his party’s present allies including the BJP.

The surprising development has come a couple of days after the JD (U) in Bihar expanded its government allegedly without any consultation with its present coalition partner in the state, BJP.

Definitely, the rumoured move will irritate the BJP. Only the future will tell the exact political implication of the present move.

Vignesh. S. G
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