February 25, 2024

Violence erupts in Sudan

A severe law and order crisis have broken out in Sudan, as a paramilitary force TMC has commenced an indiscriminate crackdown against the pro-democratic protesters in the country.

In Khartoum alone, as many as 60 people have been killed in connection with the violence that has engulfed the capital of Sudan.

The country is in the state of political turbulence since the removal of its president Omar al-Bashir.

Earlier, the pro-democratic protesters reached an agreement with the Transitional Military Council with regard to the induction of the new government in the country.

As per that agreement, a new government is to be inducted in the seat of power within the timeframe of three years.

Actually, the protest has turned violent, when the TMC has started removing those gathered outside the main government building in the capital in solidarity with the case of the pro-democratic fraction.

It seems that the TMC has stepped back from the recently reached agreement with the pro-democratic faction and it is planning to conduct election in the country as early as possible.

A government source indicates that the election in the country will be conducted within the time frame of nine months.

The pro-democratic force is not in favour of the immediate conduction of the election, as it is of the opinion that the limited timeframe is not enough to destruct the network built by the ousted president with the support of his three decades long uncontested rule in the country.

The pro-democratic force fears that the election, if conducted soon, will only serve the interest of the ousted and it will put the pro-democratic faction in a disadvantaged position and the removed faction in its exact opposite.

Anyway, many organisations and liberal countries have condemned the action executed by the TMC in the name of maintaining the law of order of the country.

However, China, with the silent support of Russia, has successfully blocked an combined attempt of Germany and the UK in the UN to call on the Sudanese military to stop their violent behaviour against its citizens.

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