November 30, 2023
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Ashneer Grover writes to the BharatPe board, requesting action against the CEO and the resignation of the chairman

Former BharatPe CEO Ashneer Grover has written to the company’s board of directors, requesting action against CEO Suhail Sameer and the resignation of chairman Rajnish Kumar, following his offensive remarks on social media.

“Behen- tere bhai ne saara paisa chura liya,” Sameer said in response to Ashneer’s sister Aashima’s comment on a social media post by former BharatPe employee Karan Sarki (Sister, your brother has stolen all the money). There isn’t much money left to pay salaries.” Sarki had raised the issue of old staff being fired and salaries not being paid.

Sameer’s language in response to the aforementioned social media post, according to Grover’s letter dated April 8, is not only defamatory, but “also blatantly a public lie and admission of the company being bankrupt by no less than its own CEO and member of the board by no less than its own CEO and member of the board by no less than its own CEO and member of the board by no less than its own CEO and member of the board by no less than its own CEO and member of the

“According to precedents and the board’s self-proclaimed high standards, the CEO should be served a show cause notice for his despicable public behaviour and placed on leave of absence immediately to manage the company’s brand damage.”

“Suhail must show the board conclusively that he was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he posted the said reply on LinkedIn,” says the board.

BharatPe “closed its first quarter of ‘degrowth’ and’maximum cash burn’ under the able (sic) leadership of Rajnish Kumar and Suhail Sameer,” he tweeted on Thursday. However, a BharatPe spokesperson claimed that the company had its best quarter ever.

“Our overall revenue increased fourfold compared to the same period last year.” Despite the third wave of Covid-19, growth has been 30% on a quarter-by-quarter basis. All of our metrics have grown at the fastest rate month over month,” the spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson, BharatPe’s merchant total payments value (TPV) increased by 17%, consumer TPV increased by 39%, loans facilitated by 31%, and revenue increased by 21% in March 2022 over February 2022.

Grover was fired from all positions at BharatPe in March after the company discovered Grover’s family and relatives were involved in extensive misappropriation of the company’s funds.

Grover has demanded a written apology from Sameer, and if he does not receive one, he and his sister may sue the BharatPe CEO and the company for damages and criminal defamation.

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