December 1, 2021
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Andhra leads in employability-index: says survey report

A study conducted by a prominent talent-recruit firm revels that Andhra is the top choice of all recruiters, as the state has a high employability-index. According to the report; with a high index of over 65%, Andhra have the highest number of employable man power in the county. Even more attracting factor is the age group of the work force; reports further added that the preponderance of work force comprises with young people, below 25 year age.The survey was conducted by the recruit firm along with the top educational institution and the industrial giant. Media reported as the source as saying; Linkedin, Association of Indian Universities and Confederation of India Industry have fueled the survey. While closely examining the rates, we could find that regions, like Guntur and Vishakhapatnam, have marked a rampant hike. Meanwhile, in an effort to develop a strong financial hub, Andhra government is planning to invest a giant capital on the region. And furthermore, it is trying to relocate its capital. It seems that the study is silently forecasting the possibility of an economic growth, and a steep-hike in the GDP index. Over four lakhs students from different universities were subjected to the study, and they were continuously evaluated using numerous employ ability parameters. The study found that even though Andhra tops in the technical and language skills, they are not that good at the numerical. However, even if the state has a powerful skilled-workforce potential, currently, the state is incapable to provide a well-packaged job list. As a result, the work-force is mostly hired by neighboring states, like Maharashtra and Karnataka.


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