May 28, 2023
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Analysis: The victory of hyper nationalism

The BJP led NDA is nearing to a historic victory. In the General Election, they have made tremendous gains across the country, including those places where they had only little expectations. It is high time to ask what has worked in their favour. Actually, the answer is not too far. In reality, the moment the Congress has failed to realise the threat of the over emphasise of national security issues by the ruling, the BJP has won and the Grand Old Party has lost the race of the 2019 General Election. Undoubtedly, the entire structure of the BJP has worked sincerely to create a feeling that the national security is in trouble and only a strong leader like Narendra Modi can safeguard the people of the country. Actually, the BJP has succeeded in their task with little effort. It has brilliantly projected Balakot and Pulwama in a way which would help them gain maximum electoral benefits.

Our PM is not the first leader who has used the national security narrative in order to turn the public support in his favour. Many world leaders, including Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu, have utilised the narrative for their electoral gains. Interestingly, the Israel PM, who recently won an election using the national security narrative, is one of the first world leaders who has come out publically to congratulate the Indian PM for his political triumph in the country.

What that has damaged the prospects of the Congress in the northern states of the country, especially those in the Hindi belt, is the inability of the party to comprehend the depth of the impact of the national security narrative in the heart of the common people in these regions.

The narrative has helped the ruling to divert the people’s attention from several sensitive issues like demonetisation, GST, unemployment and farmers’ distress. Meanwhile, it is a matter of rational introspection how successful the Congress has been to highlight the genuine issues concerning the society in the election. Either the Congress is no longer a powerful party to successfully lead a campaign against their opponents, or some factors exist in the country ruled by the BJP today that make it difficult for the old party to reach to their real potential.

No matter whatever it is, the over reliance on the concept of hyper nationalism to wrist the support of the population by the BJP is not an appreciable matter.

The concept comes with its own inherent defects. As it can be used to consolidate the national support for good purposes, it can also be misused to consolidate the national support for unacceptable things like those cruelties done by popular dictators in the past.

The Congress should show little more caution when they handle the efforts of the BJP to use the concept of hyper nationalism.

It is no wise anymore to ignore the trend prevail in the country. If the Congress shows a little more maturity, the result will be a bit different next time.

The BJP is likely to win not less than 348 seats in the 542 member Lok Sabha. The Congress and the MGB are expected to win only 94 and 20 seats respectively.

The interference of the concept of hyper nationalism in the present election is an unpleased reality which both the ruling and the opposition hate to address. Whether or not the ruling accepts it, the opposition must address it and work towards creating strategies to counter it effectively.

Vignesh. S. G
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