July 18, 2024
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An Altruistic leader with the goal of improving the society

From an overall perspective, political leaders play a crucial role in shaping the direction and future of a nation or community. A prominent MLA in Kerala politics, Mathew Kuzhalnadan stands out in his pursuits. A leader who is unique because of his attitude and who genuinely wants politics to be about serving others. He is also a guy who is praised both in private and in public by individuals from all political parties. As a result of his direct disagreements with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan over matters such as the Life Mission case, gold smuggling, and Paanparag smuggling, Mathew Kuzhalnadan has been in the headlines.

In the 2021 Kerala Assembly Elections, Mathew Kuzhalnadan, a Supreme Court and High Court court, won a seat in the Kerala Legislative Assembly from the Muvattupuzha Assembly constituency.

He was in-charge of KSU at Thiruvananthapuram Law College. Later became the state vice president and then to JNU. He was appointed National Vice President of NSUI at that point. After that, he was elected vice president of the Youth Congress and state general secretary. The many contacts Mathew Kuzhalnadan has on social media make him stand out. Also, he excels in channel talks etc. as a Congress spokesperson.

Kuzhalnadan was in charge of Navloka Congress platform which started using the possibilities of information technology and social media. It was his different ideas that made Kuzhalnadan different. Kuzhalnadan’s advice to the young generation was to be a student first, then a leader. He gave such an idea to the students because he had heard about many predecessors who said that they had fallen behind in their studies due to party activities. Kuzhalnadan’s side is that he has adopted the method of taking politics and studies together and that politics should not be a means of livelihood thus employment is necessary for income.

The Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi is where Dr. Kuzhalnadan obtained his doctorate in “Regional Trade Agreements”. Dr. Kuzhalnadan is an accomplished author who has published numerous pieces in prestigious newspapers.

Mathew Kuzhalnadan was elected as the state president when the party formed the Professional Congress. Later he became the general secretary of the party. Mathew Kuzhalnadan, who contested in the last assembly election, conquered Muvatupuzha, the sitting seat of LDF.

When the party established the Professional Congress, Mathew Kuzhalnadan was elected as the state president. Later, he rose to the position of party general secretary. In the most recent assembly election, Mathew Kuzhalnadan won Muvatupuzha, the LDF’s sitting seat.

A significant scandal arose just before the election when it was revealed that Kuzhalnadan owned assets worth 32 crores. But, Kuzhalnadan also had a response for that. He claimed that he has acquired it through hard work and that it belongs to his family. He claimed that he has not made any money from politics and has no plans to do so.

He is also the one who tried to strengthen the Congress with the strength of its positions, which was not at all confident after the elections in which the LDF got continued rule. He assured that ‘everything will be solved’. Mathew Kuzhalnadan also played a key role in bringing the greatly weakened UDF to the fore.

Muvattupuzha residents see Kuzhalnadan as a high-tech MLA. A lot of development activities were also implemented for the betterment of Muvattupuzha. Muvattupuzha’s strong MLA Mathew Kuzhalnadan is ahead of others in solving public complaints and making maximum use of all information technology systems. Kuzhalnadan’s side is that let the change start from us. May this leader always remain as a symbol of hope and strength in Kerala politics.

Residents of Muvattupuzha think Kuzhalnadan as a high tech MLA. Several development initiatives were also carried out for Muvattupuzha’s betterment. Kuzhalnadan has been involved in various development initiatives in his constituency, including projects related to education, healthcare, and infrastructure. The strong Muvattupuzha MLA Mathew Kuzhalnadan outperforms rivals in resolving citizen complaints and maximising the usage of all IT technologies. According to Kuzhalnadan the transformation should begin with us. Effective political leaders must possess a combination of skills and qualities, such as strong communication skills, strategic thinking, empathy, integrity, and a commitment to public service and Kuzhalnadan is an example for it.

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