June 27, 2022
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Amazon sells a plastic bucket for Rs 25999, and netizens are shocked to learn that it is already sold out

Luxury items with no practical use being sold for exorbitant prices may be the norm (look at the non-waterproof umbrella), but imagine our surprise when desi plastic balti followed suit. People in India were ecstatic when they discovered a bucket for Rs 35,900 on Amazon.

Yes, believe it or not, a person was perplexed to see a plastic bucket listed for a whopping Rs 35,900 while browsing the e-commerce website. Fortunately, the sellers decided to offer a 28% discount. The bucket is now available for purchase for Rs 25,999.

While some speculated that it was a glitch or that someone had entered the wrong price, others joked that they were just glad the product was available with EMI. If the price wasn’t shocking enough, the fact that the item was out of stock was even more perplexing.

“Just found this on Amazon and don’t know what to do,” tweeted Twitter user Vivek Raju, who included a photo of the pink bucket and a link to it.

Netizens quickly began to mock the story by tweeting jokes. While some tried to leave a funny review on the platform, claiming that the rare item should be priced at Rs 99,000, others couldn’t help but wonder who paid such a high price for the buckets.

People couldn’t keep their cool as the screenshot spread and began reacting with puns. One joked, “At that price, this bucket better be turning water into wine.” “Perhaps the bathroom is included with the item,” another speculated.Desis have been left laughing out loud on numerous occasions after discovering mundane items for exorbitant prices on the internet. Balenciaga is selling bags that look like “desi thailas” for Rs 1.5 lakh and a “charpai” — a traditional woven bed — for $800 at a New Zealand retailer.

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