October 3, 2023
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After Ram Charan’s Interview On US Show, Wife Upasana Confirms Baby Will Be Born In India

Ram Charan and his wife Upasana Kamineni will give birth to their first child in India. Upasana on Twitter wrote, “Dr Jen Ashton, ur (you are) too sweet. Waiting to meet you. Pls join our @HospitalsApollo family in India along with Dr Sumana Manohar & Dr Rooma Sinha to deliver our baby A big shout out to all the viewers of @ABCGMA3 & @AlwaysRamCharan’s fans & well wishers. U are much loved.”

Dr. Jen Aston had stated in an interview with Ram Charan that she would be “honoured to deliver” their first child, and Upasana’s tweet is in response to her.A few days ago, the RRRstar appeared on the popular show Good Morning America. During an interview, the actor was asked: “How much new-dad fear you have?” He responded by saying: “All these years when we didn’t plan (the kids), I’m pretty much available to my wife. But right now I’m just packing and unpacking. So doc (doctor) thank you. Glad I met you, I will be taking your number.” Speaking to Indian viewers, he introduced Dr Jen Ashton as the “most famous gynacologist” in the USA.

Soon after Upasna dropped the tweet, Dr Jen Ashton replied, “I would love to!”

Expressing her enthusiasm for this new phase in her life, Upasana Kamineni shared, “I am thrilled to have our first baby delivered in our home country – India, surrounded by a world class medical OB/GYN team at The Apollo Hospitals, including Dr Sumana Manohar, Dr Rooma Sinha and now Dr Jennifer Ashton from the Good Morning America Show. This journey holds many exciting experiences for us and we look forward to this new phase in our lives with great anticipation.”

Ram Charan is now in the USA for the 95th Academy Awards. On March 12, 2023, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the award ceremony is planned. The RRR song Naatu Naatu is up for an Oscar this year in the Best Original Song category.

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