September 23, 2021

A step in time, the rise of an entrepreneur: Dr Thomas Nechupadam

Event Solutions

Over the years, his experience as a professional groomer for various international events gave him another insight. He understood the shortcoming of traditional event management. He also spotted, how loses can be avoided with respect to time and money and how can one save this to the benefit of client and the society. His ideas were transformed into full fledged event Management Company named Sevents Consultants, a private limited company. Now Sevents is a team of young, creative, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals with a sparkling stream of ideas having vast experience in the field of Events & Entertainments. The vision of the company is to deliver event solutions & services with the highest standard of professionalism, creativity upholding at all times quality, integrity and innovation. Sevents covers all the verticals of Events like Planning, Management & Coordination and Execution.

Dental Tourism

Meanwhile his acclaim as smile designer and his aesthetic dental expert grew worldwide. He is a frontrunner in providing dental value travel services. The Nechupadam Dental Clinic & Research Centre under his leadership has treated more than 25000 patients from over 45 countries in a short span of time. Many of his patients are highly placed individuals. One of them is Jeff Edwards, who is the adviser to the Queen of England, a former judge and a member of the British Empire scribbled this review in an international portal “Excellent customer service with a highly professional approach to advice and treatment on a full mouth restoration. The price was a fraction of what I would have paid in the UK and this was an added bonus. Delighted with the final outcome.”

Organic farming, a holistic approach to healthcare

The fast food culture and growth of consumerist society has grown along with the ill effects. The current healthcare system takes a corrective approach to this. Dr. Nechupadam has a widely different approach. He believes in a preventive approach and he advocates a holistic approach to healthcare and he is not just advocating he is venturing into organic agro  and dairy farming so as to provide high quality agro and dairy products to the society. Nechupadam Dairy Farm when it will be completed will be technologically advanced automated dairy farm producing the finest dairy products for domestic and export markets. It will be the first of its kind farm in Kerala.


Dr Nechupadam was featured in many channels newspapers and other perodicals including India Forbes. The experiences he had in these media houses increased his confidence in investing in different broadcasting companies in India. He is  presently the director of India Middle East Broadcasting Company which owns a premier business channel called TV-New. He has authored numerous articles in various dailies, magazines and blogs. An international blog called is managed by him.

Social interactions

Dr Nechupadam is widely known in the social circle as the smile doctor. He is an active part of many professional and business organisations  like American dental Association, Indian dental Association,  Confederation of Indian Industry, Kerala management association, Young Indians and so on. He was the director of Kerala chamber of commerce and industry. He still holds many key roles in different organisations where he interacts and gains knowledge from peers.



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