September 23, 2021

A step in time, the rise of an entrepreneur: Dr Thomas Nechupadam

Nechupadam Family

Nechupadam Family is an aristocratic family of contractors, planters, industrialists, hoteliers and doctors well known across India. Dr. Thomas Nechupadam hails from a family of eight dental specialists, his father Dr. K T Paulose Nechupadam is a senior Orthodontist & Prosthetic expert and his siblings and their spouses are all well known dentists. Dr Thomas and His wife Dr Nithia runs the practice at Marine drive Kochi and in Blessed with Three children Nissi, Nidhi and Noah. The perfect balance of work and family is what cheers a great vision.

A firm believer of Jesus Christ

Dr Nechupadam is a devout Christian by faith in Jesus Christ. He is always thankful for the abundant grace and favour showered upon him. He sees Jesus Christ as role model and follow his teachings in every field of work he is into, whether it professional or spiritual. He acknowledges the unfathomable God given peace that surpasses all understanding as the guiding light in all the achievements

Dr Thomas Nechupadam is going for heights, but his roots are firmly planted and deep. It is the not just charm of heights that keeps him going but he is a mission to give his best back to the society. A blend of entrepreneurial missions to affect the spirit soul and body positively with a smile.


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