October 3, 2022

A step in time, the rise of an entrepreneur: Dr Thomas Nechupadam

A young dentist joined his family run clinic in 2000 and started practising. That is not any news! That cannot even considered a good opening for an article. But that is not the whole story. Probably that ‘not so eventful start’ laid the foundation to a great career and an even greater entrepreneurship journey. Meet Dr Thomas K Paulose Nechupadam who has achieved great recognition as a dental specialist and also an entrepreneur, who is currently the prime decision maker at three private limited companies and two partnerships belonging to varied verticals ranging from healthcare to information technology.

It’s not just coincidence that he ventured into widely varied fields of business, each of his business endeavours were meticulously thought out initiatives. As a keen business man, he made deliberate attempts to learn the inside-out of each vertical before he ventured in. But more than just spreadsheets and projections, he understands that success of any venture is an actually a human effort. So he particularly takes care of each one in his payroll, identify their skills and help them to fulfil their responsibility in the growth of the organization. Another aspect which is very notable is his hard work. As a professional, he puts work above everything else. He is present at the clinic every single working day. Dr. Nechupadam is  also a very keen spiritual person, one can easily identify the wholeness and cohesiveness of his lifestyle and ventures.

A quick look at the entrepreneurial journey of Dr. Thomas, one can easily find that each step is carefully planned and there are no split second decisions



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