September 23, 2021

A step in time, the rise of an entrepreneur: Dr Thomas Nechupadam

Understanding ‘Smile’

Right from the beginning of his career, Dr Nechupadam understood the significance of a smile. Patients come to him for various reasons, but ultimately what they all need is a beautiful smile. So he began to develop his natural interest in aesthetics and how it can be incorporated into dentistry. Soon his ability in the field of dental aesthetics became well known in the community and especially in the fashion and modelling industry.  He became the groomer for various national and international beauty pageants and fashion shows.

Very soon he understood that the cosmetic correction of a smile is not enough. In his own words “a smile is actually the reflection of your inner confidence and strength and the smile has to originate from the heart in order to reflect on the face”. The smile reflects not just one’s beauty but also the confidence and inner spirit of a person. He wanted to help people to bring the best out of themselves, that’s how a professional grooming company Metanoeo started

A professional grooming company

Any real change can happen only after you acquire knowledge and a person need to acquire knowledge to be a harbinger of real change. Metanoeo is a 360 degree grooming company which aims at complete transformation of an individual. Metanoeo are the official personality groomers for beauty pageants like Miss South India and Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia and chairman subcommittee for sub titles for.  He was also the groomer for the International Fashion fest and Mr and Miss Body perfect. Metanoeo also specializes in corporate training, and also does training for students in professional colleges.



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