August 15, 2022

‘I want to bring an International crown for our country’: Aileena Catherin Amon – Miss South India-2015


 ‘I want to bring an International crown for our country’: Aileena Catherin Amon - Unique Times

‘I want to bring an International crown for our country’: Aileena Catherin Amon – Unique Times

Beauty Pageants have always changed lives of many Beauty Queens around the world. And this time Aileena Catherin Amon from the God’s Own Country has been crowned as the Manappuram Miss South India 2015. She also won the subtitle for Miss Catwalk.

So simple and down to earth is the first impression one gets after talking to the pretty face of South India, Aileena. She is truly a splendid combination of both Beauty and Brains.  It was her bold decision to opt for the world of fashion as a career despite the opposition from her conservative family. When asked why, the student of MBA in International Business says “ever since I saw Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan making the country proud by winning the Miss Universe and Miss World titles in 1994, it has been a dream to win a crown or walk on the ramp …”

This confident young lady is now busy preparing for another big contest, Miss Diva 2015. To name a few of her achievements- she was in the Top 40 of Miss India 2014, Top 4 in Midukki- a Reality show of Mazhavil Manorama, Miss Kerala 2012, Miss Congeniality and Miss talent in Mister and Miss Body Perfect and she made her debut in M-town with Lal Jr’s Hi, I’m Tony.

1.      3 words that describe you …

A dreamer, believer and a go-getter.

2.      How does it feel like being the Miss South India?

I have been in many Beauty Pageants and have been heartbroken everytime when I couldn’t make it to the final. I had nearly lost hope and confidence. Midukki has been my biggest milestone.  When a person like Ambika Pillai told me ‘you have to go for Miss India’, it hit me hard and that was the moment when I decided that I will win the crown. Then participated in Miss India and made it to the regional and national level as well.

It means a lot to me and was a dream come true moment for me when I was crowned as the Miss South India 2015. It’s just a baby step and has given me a push to achieve my dreams. It’s a huge responsibility to represent the face of South India. If you believe in what you are doing, you can achieve anything you want. And I believe the hardwork and confidence made me win the crown.

3.      What gave you an edge over other beauties in the contest?

My focus on what I wanted to achieve and I gave my best. I never had a moment of doubt in winning or losing the game.

4.      What sets you apart?

 I believe my down to earth behaviour sets me apart. It’s actually a compliment which I keep getting from my loved ones who say ‘you haven’t changed a bit …’

5.      Success Mantra

Hardwork, hardwork and only hardwork. There is no shortcut to success!

6.       Most parents think modelling is not the right career choice for girls… what’s your stand on that and how supportive was your family?

Yes its true … even my parents were against this when I had confessed my love for the ramp as a child. But as time passed, I couldn’t think of anything else except modelling. After graduation, I took a step forward to my dream and told my parents I only wanted to do this. Asked my parents to watch one show and when they understood what goes on in this, they have been really very supportive.

Every job has its negatives and positives… Make your stand and no one can dare to mess with you. The way you conduct and behave with people matters a lot. Be choosy and when on high of career, stay grounded, never lose yourself or get lost in the world of glitz and glamour.

7.      Your favourite Miss India till date

Sushmita Sen. She is the most beautiful person inside and out.

8.      From where do you draw inspirations?

As I said earlier … Sushmita Sen has been my inspiration. When I spoke to her during the launch of Ambika Pillai’s saloon in Kochi, she swept me off my feet! She has got this queenly aura and is beautiful as a person. The former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been another inspiration, who is known for charity works and fighting for social causes.  And I admire Deepika Padukone for her personality.

9.      You have walked for some biggest designers in the industry. If you had to pick a favourite, who would that be?

Honestly, it’s been god’s grace. In these three years, I have been able to work with the best of best people in the industry. I have walked for Rohit Bal, Hari Anand, Beena Kannan and Maria Roza. And I have been lucky enough to have walked with my inspiration, Sushmita Sen too.

Yes …my favourite has to be Rohit Bal because that’s the only name I knew about as a child. And that’s another dream come true moment when I walked for him.

10.  What does true beauty mean to you?

Beauty lies within oneself. It is how one can affect somebody’s life. It is also the inner happiness and positive energy that radiates through everything.

11.   What does fashion mean to you?

To me fashion is following the latest trends and being up-to-date. Fashion is also to dress for comfort.

12.  What has Manappuram Miss South India’s platform given you?

A wonderful platform where I could taste success. It was a home away from home.  My sources of motivation there have been Ajit sir, Jebitha Maam, Valentina Maam and Sameer sir. Without their help and support it would have been impossible for me to win the crown.

13.   Plans to take movies as another career option?

Well, as of now only modelling. I’m preparing myself for Miss Diva 2015. But if any good offers come my way, will definitely do it where the character given to me has a scope for performance.

14.  What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

Its been a wonderful journey so far …My dream now is to bring an International crown for our country and become a known face. I have started working on my physical fitness and diet to attain a toned up body.

I also want to work for social causes and make a difference when I have a good bank balance. I have started with little help to a school in Aluva. I have helped them setup a library in school with new good books with the little amount I earned during the Midukki days and by asking friends to contribute some books. And helped them colour the school to make a good environment for education.

15.  Any final thoughts? 

       When you have a dream, believe and follow it till you achieve it. When an opportunity comes your way, take it up no matter what and give your 100% to it leaving no room for regret.

Amala Muraleedharan


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