September 26, 2023

Ravishing belle from god’s own country; Interview with Archana Ravi

Archana Ravi is the talented beauty who represented Kerala in Parfum monde Dubai Confident group Miss South India beauty pageant, 2016. She won the titles Miss Queen Kerala and Miss South India 2nd runner up. Aspiring actress and television anchor, Archana Ravi shares her experiences in this interview.

1. Tell us about Miss South India. How was the experience?

Miss South India beauty pageant was a wonderful experience. For a beginner like me, it was a wonderful platform to express myself with my fellow participants. For one week we were all together going to places, meeting people and these sessions are conducted by eminent people. We all bonded well like a family and got along so well that at the end we missed each other badly. So, to me this was more than the competition itself. It was also a good family experience and we have had lots of fun.

2. You won the 2nd runner up position in Miss South India 2016 beauty pageant. How did that moment feel? What were your expectations?

My dream was to win the main crown, we all wanted to. The best person achieved it and I’m happy for her. Aileena Catherine was the previous winner of Miss South India and she is a Keralite. This year Ajit sir told us ‘I hope a Keralite wins the crown’. When I got the second runner up position, the Malayali contestants were happy, because no matter who wins Miss South India, we hoped for a Malayali winner in 1st or 2nd runner up position. Therefore the victory was satisfying.



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