April 22, 2024
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Bouncing high with confidence: Sanoop Santhosh

sanoopSanoop is the new kid on the block. The bright-eyed boy with his charming looks and cute spiked hair has his baby steps to fame printed in the hearts of many. Through his innocence and naughtiness, Sanoop has etched a place on the movie marquee with his first movie.

The toddler has bagged a handful of awards for his debut Phillips and the Monkey Pen. The film won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Children’s Film.  Sanoop won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Child Artist and the Minnalai Award for Best Child Artist recently.

The 10 year old considers himself lucky to have met the legends of the Film Industry, Kamal Hassan and Shah Rukh Khan during the Asianet Film Awards. Bubbling with life he says “I was shivering then didn’t know what to do … It was a dream come true … I couldn’t have asked for more!” He continues “I told them that I love them a lot and clicked pictures with my idols”. 

Anything you ask this lil lucky star he just has to say “I want to become the next Kamal Hassan”.  Ask him why, “Kamal Hassan is a Sakalakala Vallabhan”. 

His next endeavour will see him in a guest appearance in Arun Vaidyanathan’s Peruchazhi with Mohan Lal in the lead role. 

1. Did you ever dream of this destination?

Actually no … but yes I was 100% confident that my character would create an impact. Never had I thought Ryan Phillip’s character would fetch me these many awards … they were unexpected. I had a gala time shooting for Phillips and the Monkey Pen. My first film is really special to me since I could work with all renowned artists. I got to learn a lot with every passing day.

2. Ryaan Phillip or Sanoop Santhosh … How do you handle all the sudden attention you are getting now?

I’m just one film old and it gives me immense happiness that people like me as Sanoop aka Ryan Phillip. I’m still the same old Sanoop Santhosh but love it when people call me Ryan Phillip, a character which gave me a massive recognition. I don’t like it much when people give me special attention. I want to be known as any other normal child.I have just begun and have miles to go…

3. If u had a Monkey Pen …

Life would become easier then isn’t it (chortles)! … First on the list would be to make me like the ‘Kamal Hassan’ – the way he delivers his dialogues, acts, looks, dances etc, then I would ask the monkey pen to simplify all my subjects so that it becomes easier for me to study, do my homework and gift me a lot of games to play.

4. How did you prepare for the role?

A big sacrifice… I had to cut my hair short to become Ryan Phillip. Other than that I didn’t have to put in much efforts as Ryan is ‘the real me’! So I just had to be myself infront of the camera. I’m a hardworking child and study sincerely too unlike Ryan.

5. What do you like the most about cinema?

Cinema is a fusion of all arts. There’s no one particular thing about it which I could pinpoint… I love every single thing about cinema!

6.  Equation with onscreen dad Jayasurya

He was like my dad, my closest friend who pampered me a lot. We shared a father-son relationship off-screen too. Working with him was fun.

7.  One compliment you got for your act!

During the shoot Jayasurya once said ‘evan oru raksha illyatha actor aanu’ (he is an amazing actor)…

8. Ponnechinte swantham Ponnunni …

Ponnechi (Sanusha) is my best friend who supports me in whatever I do. She is everything to me and I’m incomplete without her.

9. How does this little star maintain a balance between studies and films?

Films do not affect my studies. I have a very supportive family. My principal, teachers and friends also encourage and support me with everything so a perfect balance is maintained.

10. What are your hobbies?


I am a huge movie buff, I love watching TV, playing games, I love sports and when free going on long drives are a craze too.


11. What if Kamal Hassan offers you a lead role in his next?


I would not give it a second thought … would shout out loud a ‘BIG BOLD YES’ for it!  Studies would be considered secondary then… I would do anything to fulfil my dream and would try to manage my studies along with it. Anything for Kamal Hassan…


12. Your upcoming films and future plans …


I do a guest appearance in Peruchazhi which would hit the screens around Onam in September. I haven’t signed any other project as of now. Would do good films and keep up the image of Ryan Phillip!


13. How was it sharing a screen space with Mohan Lal?


It was a very good experience. He made me feel very comfortable and acting with him has added another milestone to my life.


14. Celebrating Onam …


Onam is celebrated as a family get-together every year. Looking forward to it. I would go to my grandparents. I enjoy it to the fullest by wearing new clothes, helping in making the pookalam, eating the yummy sadya and payasam, and yes … capturing all the moments with my camera…



1. Your role model
The legend Kamal Hassan.

2. Your favourite actor

Kamal Hassan. I’ve seen all of his films at least thrice. 

3. Your favourite movies

I love all Kamal Hassan movies especially Guna, but Dashavatharam has been my all time favourite. It helped me in preparing myself for Phillips and the Monkey Pen. I never get bored watching his movies.

4. Your ambition

I want to become like Kamal Hassan. He is a person who is very hardworking and always dedicated to his work.

5. Any dream role

Not one but all the acts done by Kamal Hassan.

Amala Muralidharan



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