May 28, 2024
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A second Indian died in Ukraine suffering a stroke

Chandan Jindal (22), a medical student in Ukraine, was admitted to the Emergency Hospital Vinnytsia following an Ischemic stroke. He passed away earlier in the day.

Chandan Jindal, an Indian national, has been identified. “He died as a result of natural causes. His family lives in Ukraine as well “ANI quoted MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi as saying.

“We now estimate that nearly 17,000 Indian nationals have left Ukraine’s borders since our advisories were issued in the last week of January,” Bagchi said at a press conference.

Meanwhile, the Indian embassy in Ukraine has issued an urgent warning to all Indian citizens to leave Kharkiv immediately. The embassy stated that they must reach the settlements of Pesochin, Babaye, and Bezlyudovka under any circumstances.

An Indian student was killed in shelling in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

“With great sadness, we confirm that an Indian student was killed in shelling in Kharkiv this morning.” The Ministry has made contact with his family. “We express our heartfelt sympathies to the family,” the ministry said in a tweet.

His father has written to the Government of India to arrange for the return of his son’s body.

The Centre is also attempting to recover the body of a Karnataka student who died in shelling in Kharkiv a day ago.

With Ukraine’s airspace closed to passenger flights, bodies may be brought back through other countries, as has been done for the evacuation of stranded Indians.


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