September 26, 2022

A POWERFUL BUSINESS EMPIRE – M.C. Sunny, the chairman and M D, National Builders

How did your ‘brief Gulf days’ complement in establishing a successful company?

In Gulf countries, we are to adopt an entirely different system, which is totally alien to a democratic citizen, so we have to adopt too much things. We will be treated as a second citizen in that country. That life will help us to understand our country more, and we will start loving our nation and will decide to establish a career or business in our nation itself.

It seems that the company have grown beyond your expectations. Who should you give credits to this growth?

I will give credits to the God. Lot of people helped me; in return I also tried to do my best to the ailing people. Now, I am totally immersed in social actives. We are providing medical assistance and other support to the aids affected people and cancer patients. We are committed in developing educational sector also. I am an active member of numerous social trusts.

Now, the company have successfully completed nearly 126 projects. Interestingly, majority of them are residential projects. Why is that so?

I think that people are more interested in the residential building in Kerala rather than commercial projects. But, I tried to make some commercial projects also. I am not getting adequate support in the commercial sector. It may be because of Kerala’s inadequate development in the business sector.

Which are the ongoing projects of the National builders?

In Kerala, we have mainly four projects – 2 premium buildings at Palarivattom and Edappally; and a purely residential project near Pathadipalam; and a low budget flat project.

In Mumbai, we have many projects – a 30-storage building in New Mumbai; 22-storage buildings; and many more.

We always have a hand full of projects. We have a unique procedure to start and finish a project.

Do you have any particular target groups?

If future, we are planning to do residential projects from NRI malayalies, who are settled in the US and Gulf counties.

Why should I buy a ‘National Home’?

We give extreme care to our customers. We are offering them a luxury life style. Even after delivering the flat, we give extreme care for its maintenance and other requirements. Customer satisfaction is our prime target.



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