August 3, 2021

A POWERFUL BUSINESS EMPIRE – M.C. Sunny, the chairman and M D, National Builders

Say about your family?

My family is fully supportive. My wife and son are directors of the company. Even in my absence, they are taking good care of the business. Presently, I am trying to handover the business to my son.

Wife’s quote


How are you contributing to the growth of your husband’s business?


I take good care of the family and try to create a peaceful atmosphere in home. We never discuss business in house. I will pray to God. He is also a God fearing person.


Son’s quote


What are changes that you made in the company?


I tried to insert new techniques and work tactics in the business. I do lot of research in this field. I am mostly concentrated in Mumbai. But, I am trying to establish a business empire in Kochi too.

The procedures in Kochi are entirely different so I tried to motivate the staff members to take up this challenge.


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