September 25, 2022

A POWERFUL BUSINESS EMPIRE – M.C. Sunny, the chairman and M D, National Builders

Around 30 years back, you started your career as a stenographer, but you identified your fortune in a different sector. How did you select this career?

I consider this opportunity as the God’s will. A job was the prime focus of each and every Malayali who reaches Bombay. Meanwhile, some people relocated to Gulf countries in search of better jobs and living conditions, and others tried to continue in this state. While working in Bombay, I got a job opportunity in Gulf and worked in the Arabian country for at least six years. After that, I came back to Bombay and started the real estate business slowly. After securing adequate experience, I started my business in Kochi around eighteen years ago. We have successfully achieved people’s trust that is our biggest achievement. Still, we are extremely conscious to maintain our trust.

It is said that identifying an opportunity is the biggest challenge. Though you had not had any previous experience in the construction and real estate sector, you marked an impressive success in the field. How did you identify this opportunity?

When I returned from Gulf, I did not try to grab a job; instead I preferred to start a business slowly. So, I started a real estate business. I felt that it is an impressive sector because the New Bombay, where I started my business, is a rapidly developing region like that of Bombay. Within a short period, I got a great encouragement and impressive growth.

It is said that Mumbai is not a friendly hub to start a business. Why did you select Mumbai instead of Kochi or some other city?

I think that Mumbai is the perfect place to do business. Business communities get enormous support from government and local people in Mumbai. We are getting adequate acceptance and encouragement from the community too.

In Kerala, the business communities are not adequately supported by the respective authorities; but I still wanted to do business in this state and I have some big plans too.

What were the main challenges before you when you started your business in Mumbai? How did you overcome those challenges?

Mumbai gives equal opportunity and acceptance to everyone irrespective of their economic background. Hard work is the key to success. Preponderance of our staffs is Keralites and they are extremely hard working people. In Kerala, I don’t think that we are getting enough opportunity to prove our dedication.

Apart from hard work and dedication, are there any other tips you want to share to a business aspirant?  

Whatever business you are doing, you must show extreme sincerity in your work. We must treat our staffs well. I emerged from working class background so I consider my staffs as my family. And, I am getting good support from them. We have lot of senior staffs; they are extremely committed to the company; at the same time, I take good care of them.



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