September 26, 2022

A POWERFUL BUSINESS EMPIRE – M.C. Sunny, the chairman and M D, National Builders

M.C. Sunny is the chairman and Managing Director of the world renowned real-estate conglomerate, National Builders. With his dedication and hard-work, he established a powerful business empire in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

Mr Sunny, who began his professional career as a stenographer, hails from a small village in Kerala, named Chengannur. He is an active member in various social organisation committed to deliver philanthropic activities. He is a God-fearing person. He respects his workers, and treats them as his family members. He is one of the pioneers in the real-estate sector of Kerala. His achievements are not only giving us a perfect guideline to success, but also prompting us to dream.

He started his real-estate business on 1986. Within a short span of time, he achieved an astounding growth. Slowly, he explored each and every opportunities of real-estate sector and marked his hallmark on them. Now, his company owns a perfect reputation among the customers, and it is one of the leading builders in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, he tested his fortune in his homeland also. He successfully completed some impressive projects in Kochi. He considers customer satisfaction as the biggest asset of his real-estate company.



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