February 9, 2023

A legendary affordable home builder – Priya A .S

Real estate is one of the most profitable business sectors. If a businessman moves his pawns rightly, he can extract plenty of money from this sector. In this sector, the construction of the luxury flats and villas is where huge business and huge profit happen. There is also an unattended section in this sector through which we can serve the people who are looking for an affordable home: the affordable housing sector. Only dedicated and sincere business persons who think beyond the framework of profit making can invest in this sector.

The Unique Time magazine has got an opportunity to meet such a business person. It is an honour to introduce Priya A S, the Managing Director of Dreamflower Housing Projects Private Limited, , to our readers. Dreamflower is one among the trusted and reliable builders in Kochi, Kerala. It holds a track record of handing over 42 Projects on time in the last 12 years.Priya’s husband, Fazil, is also a member of the director board of this company.



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