March 1, 2024
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Compassion International likely to stop its activities in country within couple of days: Report


In a disturbing report highlighting how harshly our government and the right wing ideologists behave to the Christian NGOs, the Compassion International, a US-based NGO working in the child welfare sector, has been forced to cease its operation in our country due to its Christian identity. Earlier, the extreme right wing organisation close to the ruling BJP led Indian government, RSS, alleged that the CI was promoting and funding religious conversions among the Indian children. According to the report, as the government has installed strict financial regulation to bring in funds from the foreign countries for the NGO activates, the organisation has been suffering a serious financial crisis for last few months. Recently, the CI reportedly alleged that they had been approached by a member of the US-based right-wing lobby of India advising them to contribute in the non-Christian organisations along with the Christian organisations in order to escape the crisis. Though the alleged right-wing member has denounced the allegation raised against, he has admitted that he have given advises to some CI representatives while they have voluntarily consulted hum. The CI has been operating in India for the past thirty years. It has been bringing in nearly 292 crore rupees to the country every year. They are mainly focused on the welfare of the children. It is a fact that the government singlehandedly cannot eradicate poverty and bring the downtrodden section of our society towards the forefront. The sincere cooperation of the NGOs who are committed to help the downtrodden people is needed to achieve this. Any effort to curtail the NGO activities is likely to put our ailing population living in the rural India into more trouble. The stricter finance regulations taken by the government has prompted many NGOs to wind up their operation in our country. Experts say that it is necessary that the government must make sure that the funds bring in to our country are not used for any anti-national activates. At the same time, the NGOs working for a genuine cause must not be disturbed or deprived of carrying out their operation due to a mere reason that it believes in a different ideology, they added.


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