June 20, 2024

A movie created through crowdfunding, ‘Big Bang Theory’ set for New Year release

Big bang theroA group of youngsters from Valanchery (Chennai) have determined that there is no need of a producer to make a movie. The youngsters have brought out a movie with the money raised from natives of this small town in Malappuram district.

The movie is titled “Big Bang Theory” did not turn to any crowdfunding programmes for money. Rather, they issued a notification under name ‘Kodambakkam Company’ and circulated in the town.

The youth collected around Rs 1 lakh from the people in Valancherry. The ‘Big Bang Theory’ is all set for release now. The lead role is donned by S Durga actor Arun Sol. 

The movie, a contemporary political satire, is directed by journalist student Ajith Janardhanan. The script and dialogues are penned by Valancherry native Shijith Pankajam. Cinematography by Fahad Futley and editing by K Vipin. Suhail Sai Muhammed is assistant director, Anoop Mavandiyoor art director and Akhil S Kiran composed the background score.

The initial screening of the film is held at Valancherry MES College at 7 pm on December 30.


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