September 26, 2023
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A form of treatment to rejuvenate the emotional and physical well being

 3Whenever there is a something wrong with our health, first and foremost we immedatiely resort to English medicine. We have many options to choose from when it comes to medical treatment, such as ayurvedic and spa treatment. We should always take our time in choosing the right type of treatment which will help us in the long run. Not to discourage English medicine, but at times, the side effects in the long run can be worse even if at the present time it cures us of our illness.

First to clarify on the difference between spa and ayurvedic, spa is a term which is related to treatment using water or other mineral containing fluids. This type of therapy is also known as “balenotherapy,” which is believed to have originated from Belgium, later on spreading to countries such as England and Rome. Later on treatment centers were opened which begin to offer services of medicinal treatment of fluids such as herbal oils and mineral and herb treated water. Today spas are very popular as they offer many services for well being for the healing of various illnesses’.  There are different types of spas of course which offers various services. There is the day spa where beauty treatments are made, destination is another type of spa which is visited more as a holiday destination which involves intensive personal care. The “town spa” is generally a place which is known to have natural resources such as fountains which have medicinal qualities to heal certain aliments. The mineral water spa, foot spa, fountain spa are some types of spa that is classified by the use of materials in treatment.

When it comes to ayurvedic treatment, many should be familiar with it as though the process of healing tends to be slow, it is effective and in the long run there is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to our health. Ayurveda makes use of natural herbs, exercise and meditation which helps to treat the root cause behind our illness. It is more of a holistic approach of treatment, where it treats the cause of the illness in a natural way so that the chance of the disease returning is reduced greatly.

Spa treatments do not follow a certain science, but can be seen as an artistic form of treating your illness. Ayurvedic form of treatment is a science which studies the energy imbalances in a human body and helps to work towards balancing them properly in order to retain good health. Ayurveda has also proved to be very useful when it comes to treating serious health conditions, and spa treatment helps to relax you and helps your body to be rejuvenated. Spa treatments are based on fluids, and massages as mentioned earlier and ayurveda is a treatment where exercises and medicines are to be taken, along with maintaining a certain food habit.

As ayurvedic spa treatments come together, it promotes an overall wellness where it purifies and restores the balance of the body. It essentially helps to prevent and treat an ailment which is related to disorder in the central nervous system. It helps to nourish the body, improves functioning of sense organs as well as the other vital organs. It will help to reduce fatigue and stress, increase energy flow of body, promote person’s “ayus” longevity, improves body flexibility. This type of treatment will also help in nourishing and toning the skin, increases the blood flow, and beautifies and softens as well as hydrates the skin.

Abhyangam: Effective in improving rheumatism, eye sight, skin glow and vitality.

Shirodhara: Relieve strain, stress and discourage aging effect.

Nasyam: Effective in chest congestion, migraine and sinusitis.

Udwarthanam: Tones muscles.

Dinacharya: This is a cleansing therapy that targets ageing.

Sirovasti: This ayurvedic spa treatment is effective in almost all the diseases, especially deafness, abscesses, facial paralysis, chronic cold, sinusitis and insanity.

Mukhalepam: Makes skin supple and smooth.

Thalapothichil: Effective in insomnia, hair loss, premature hair graying and dandruff.

Thakaradhara: This spa treatment is given to people suffering from memory loss, insanity and severe headache.

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