September 17, 2019
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Over 61 killed in Amritsar train accident


As many as sixty-one people and over seventy-seven people have been injured in the Amritsar train accident, which has occurred when a train has accidently moved down those who have gathered near a railway track to watch the Dussehra celebrations.

The railway authorities have termed it as the clear case of trespassing. They have claimed that they have neither given permission to anybody to conduct the celebration near the track nor been informed about the possibility of the occurrence of the event near the railway track.

The railway authorities are trying to portray it as the mistake of local authorities. There are reports that the local authorities were aware of the event as a senior minister’s wife was also invited to the event to inaugurate it.

Anyway, the Punjab government has directed all disaster management facilities of the state and the police officials to rush to the spot to help the rescue efforts of the local administration. It has also requested all hospitals to give free treatment to the injured.  

The central government has announced a financial relief of nearly two lakh Indian Rupees for the closed kin of each deceased and almost fifty thousand Indian Rupees for each injured.

Meanwhile, the state government has approved a financial assistance of nearly five lakh Indian Rupees for the close kin of each deceased in addition to what the central government has offered.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and many other dignified personalities have expressed their grief over the tragic accident.

What can the concerned do to avoid the occurrence of such accidents in the future?   



Vignesh. S. G

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