December 2, 2022
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Sabarimala Issue: political parties still aimless


Most of the political parties, which have come to the forefront either to express their dissatisfaction or to express their satisfaction over the recent SC verdict that upholds the right of women of all ages to enter the place of worship of their choice, are finding it hard to justify their stand either to their colleagues living outside the state or to a large section of the people of the state on which their political future heavily relay.

The state leaders of the BJP and Congress, which in the initial stage had welcomed the SC verdict and later opposed it identifying that the emotion of a large section of population was hurt –most probably, identifying that there was an opportunity in the crisis, has so far failed to convince their national leaders why their political parties should support their battle in the street against the SC verdict.

Meanwhile, the CPM and CPI, which welcomed the SC verdict, has not yet succeeded in justifying their stand to a large section of the people of the state who questions the state why there is an undue haste in implementing the verdict.

What makes the political parties incapable to take a firm stand in the issue?



Vignesh. S. G

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