August 23, 2019
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Karnataka PoliTricks: Congress and JD (S) lock horns once again

The coalition agreement reached between the Congress and the JD (S) in the aftermath of the latest assembly election result, which disappointed both the political parties alike, was more accidental than intentional in the nature. Both the Congress and the JD (S) had only few other options left other than embracing each other with the aid of a flawed coalition agreement. The after-effect was a political disaster.
Since the inception of the coalition government, both parties have locked horns several times for different issues, from the selection of the CM to the distribution of the Lok Sabha seats.
The continuing infightings make it different for the ruling parties to get the maximum benefit of the power they hold. The result is dissatisfaction. Actually, this dissatisfaction is what fuels the endless flow of the Congress and the JD (S) leaders towards the BJP camp, where everything is stable and rigid.
The latest issue between the Congress and the JD (S) is Karnataka CM H D Kumaraswamy’s comment over the eligibility of Mallikarjun Kharge to become the CM of the state and former CM Siddaramaiah’s reaction to it citing the CM’s bother Revenna.
While speaking in a by-election campaign, the Karnataka CM opined that Mr Kharge could have been offered the CM post years before.
Through his twitter handle, the former CM responded that there were several CM materials in both the Congress and the JD (S) including the CM’s brother H D Revenna.
The intentions are crystal clear: the JD (S) leader and present CM is not ready to give his CM post to Mr Siddaramaiah and if pressurised he may agree to hand the post to Mr Kharge; and the Congress leader and former CM wants to remind the JD (S) leader that he can also play the same trick against the JD (S) leader by suggesting the name of Mr Revanna, who is not in a cordial relation with his brother (the CM), to the CM post in the situation of a future dispute over the post.
The Karnataka politics is moving from bad to worse. It is predicted that the general election result may change the course of the politics in that state.
In Karnataka, the BJP is the single largest political party in the Legislative Council. It is only a few seats shorter than the majority mark.

Vignesh. S. G
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