August 13, 2022
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India, China hold military exercise in Jammu Kashmir

Strengthening the bilateral relations between the two fast-growing Asian economies, the Indian army and Chinese soldiers conducted a joint military exercise at Eastern Ladakh in Jammu Kashmir on last day.It is said that the joint exercise conducted by the military forces will uphold tranquillity across the Indo-China borders. For the last few years, the bilateral relation between India and its communist neighbor has been going through a tough time. The Indian authorities, especially foreign officials, alleged that the Chinese government is blanketing terrorism by supporting Pakistan in the International stages. The bilateral relation stepped into a worst situation when the Chinese government blocked our country’s bid to NSG. Moreover, the unsettled border crisis always possesses a great threat and headache to both nations. Earlier, in 2010, the Chinese officials refused to accept the invitation of an Indian Northern Army Commander, alleging the commander, who sent that invitation, controls a disputed region between Indian and China. Anyway, it seems that the snow is slowly melting. The latest exercise is the second army joint drill under the China-India cooperation deal inked in 2016. The first one was conducted in February at Chushul Garrison near Eastern Ladakh, which comes under the Chinese region. As per the report, during the second joint drill, the two armies practiced the rescue operation skills, disaster management skills, and humanitarian aid skills. The report added that the Indian side was led by Brigadier R.S Raman while the Chinese team was led by Senior Colonel Fan Jun.


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