December 11, 2023
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COVID-19: In Thailand Monkeys Fight for a Banana as Tourism Drops

Amid the coronavirus scare that has spread voices of concern across the world , a surprising incident in Thailand has left people amazed. In a viral video clip, many monkeys were seen fighting one another over a banana, because the number of tourists crashed within the city of Lopburi, in Thailand.

As per the reports, monkeys depend upon the tourists for food and enough tourists storm this area to feed their hunger on a day to day .However, with the worldwide outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 virus, the city’s tourism has seen a serious fall which quite resulted during a chaotic situation of monkeys from ‘two rival’ gangs fighting over food.

The video shows, the monkeys initially looking for food independently until they spotted one among them with a banana. Eventually hundreds jumped over him and over one another during a bid to possess it for themselves. According to the report, the locals who are familiar with the overall behavior of the monkeys were also shocked to witness such ferocity.

One such local expressed that the monkeys looked more ferocious than dogs which people have hardly seen them turn this violent. Lopburi is claimed to be home to thousands of monkeys, who inhabit the traditional Buddhist temples. It is said that the 2 groups of monkeys – one belonging from the temple areas and one from the town roads – generally don’t clash over one another.

But the unfortunate incident happened because the city’s group came looking for food and eventually led to a clash. Meanwhile, Thailand has reported 73 cases of coronavirus with one death. This has taken a toll on the country’s tourism with China being one among the nearby countries, which saw the primary outbreak of the novel virus with quite 3,000 reported deaths.

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