April 20, 2024
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Congress ready to give up its claim for prime ministerial post for the sake of opposition union, indicates its leaders

One of a senior Congress leaders have indirectly expressed his party’s willingness to give up its natural claim for the prime ministerial post in case of the possibility of the formation of a grand alliance government post the declaration of the general election result for the sake of the opposition union.

There are rumours that the grand old party has invited its allies and its potential allies to attend a special meeting which is scheduled to happen on the night of the declaration of the election result.

Lately, the Congress has repeatedly expressed its confidence in becoming the single largest political party in the Lok Sabha.

The prime aim of the proposed meeting is to ensure that the BJP will not try any tricks to retain in power if it is rejected by the people of India in the election.

The BJP has so far not taken any measures similar to the one adopted by the Congress. It seems that they are very confident that they would emerge indispensable once this election result is declared.

In the coming days, the country is likely to witnesses many political dramas like the one initiated by the Congress now.

Vignesh. S. G
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