December 11, 2023

Yoga helps to prevent ‘Memory Loss’


The memory loss is a common disease. It is commonly seen in women than in men. Among the women, it is commonly seen in those who are above sixty years of age. For that reason, this condition is normally categorised as an age-related disease.
As one grows older the structure and functionality of his/her brain undergoes a gradual transformation that is why the condition is mostly seen in the older people than in the younger ones.
How can one prevent this mental condition?
In a new study report, it is said that the ancient practice of ‘Yoga’ will help to prevent the loss of memory.
Scientists say that the practice, if one performs it regularly, will fight the memory loss by strengthening those sections of the brain which is extremely vulnerable to the age-related issues.
Yoga is an ancient practice. It is a combination of both breathing exercises and exercise posters. It is confirmed to be extremely beneficial to the human health.


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