April 21, 2021


 YOGA AND WOMAN -Unique Times

YOGA AND WOMAN -Unique Times

In today’s life style, all of us find no time or mind to mend ourselves. We go through a stressful life and hardly see any goodness around. Eventually, we become dull and worn out  and finally reach a stage when we begin to think this is a bad world ..

Let us see how manage their life. As we know, Women lead an  aimless life succumbing to the demands of other suppressing their needs and interests. Ultimately they fail to identify what they are in life. The truth is; they are neck deep in stressful conditions both professionally   and personally .As a consequence, they lack energy and enthusiasm to enjoy their life. Off late, they suddenly woke up and trying to pull themselves by visiting health clubs, gyms or following ‘diet ‘ to correct them. They run from pillar to post in search of something which can give them a balanced outlook in every matter they involve in. To be precise, a shock absorber to absorb all their worries and tensions and transform them into wonderful human beings. They are constantly in search of a tool which can help them to identify who they are and what they are good at. People may have different opinions, but as far as I am concerned, Yoga is one thing that can bring colour and fun back in their lives .

It is high time, woman realize the need of ‘space’ for themselves in the midst of their hectic schedule. Only Yoga can provide such space along with relaxation by releasing stress and tension.This will restore their strength and confidence by which they can carry on with their duties and take care of their responsibilities diligently. It should be noted by practicing Yoga many of the issues affecting women can be resolved. Yoga is a way of life. It is an art of righteous living and has a complete message for humanity.  It is an integrated system for the benefits of the body, mind and soul.

yoga-poses-for-Men-And-Women-beautyPractising Yoga means not doing exercises in Yoga apparels. It is about making a decision to spend a little time for self  during the day. Madonna, the popular international singer  is a living example of a strong  woman who is a dedicated  yoga practitioner. She has become a messenger of yoga when she is been told by eminent surgeons that only  Yoga can bring her back  from the injuries and ribs fracture she suffered from a horse riding accident. Today,  inspired by her, many women are choosing yoga as their stress buster and life style .

Yoga a complete life style by itself benefits woman at every stage of their life. Each exercise in yoga brings an awareness of one ‘s strength and limitations and that is the beginning of understanding of who we are or what we are! Yoga with its abundant supply of positive energy moulds a ‘woman’ to control and regulate her daily routine bringing a certain amount of satisfaction enhancing her inner strength.

When Yoga is talked about, what we consider is the Asnas or exercises coined by our sages. They are body postures designed to develop and retain each organ in the human body in its original form. There are eighty four of them and each one has a special name, specific purpose and particular way of performing it. Let us have a close look at a few and understand what can they do for us.

There is ‘Bhujangasana’ to provide youthful appearance by activating upper torso while ‘Shalabhasan ‘ activates all organs of the lower part of the body. When  ‘Uttanpadasana ‘ strengthens the spinal chord  and removes  the disorder of the back, the ‘Matsyasana ‘ has correctives for the neck  and shoulder problems. There are others like ‘Vrikshasanaa’, an answer  to Alzheimer’s, helps to concentrate on minds and improves concentration. Any problem related to stomach could be rectified by practising ‘Pavan Muktasan’. Similarly, any cardiac uneasiness is put under control by doing ‘Chakrasan’. ‘Suryanamaskar’is the combination of many exercises  which nourishes the whole body..

Yoga increases the body awareness, eases muscular tension and accelerates co-ordination between mind and the body. By practicing Yoga, many issues affecting women can be put under control. It is the truth that women always have to endure more in life than men thanks to the additional responsibilities entrusted to them like being  the anchor of the family, career  woman, mother and other roles in the society. Though emotionally stronger than men, women requires something to  balance their feelings and conditions them  to face any  challenges they come across during the journey of life. Here, Yoga helps to know more about themselves. Moreover, it  allows them to realize the true potential and ability to make others comfortable and at lease. By practising Yoga, woman hood is celebrating.


Sheela Abraham

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