March 20, 2023
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Solar eclipse wows Sky gazers

Solar eclipse wows Sky gazers - Unique Times

Solar eclipse wows Sky gazers – Unique Times

Hotels on the remote Faeroe Islands have been fully booked for months, even years, by fans who don’t want to miss an astronomical sensation which nearly lasted for three minutes. The astronomical sensation was the solar eclipse that offered a spectacular view for its fans. A number of people flew to the Faeroe Islands and Norway’s Arctic Svalbard to witness the solar eclipse. In Svalbard tourists have been warned of polar bears after an attack which happened recently. Even though without taking this into consideration people over there crowded to take a view of the solar eclipse. They found it to be the most spectacular thing ever seen before. From Stockholm also people were very keen to take pictures of the crescent-shaped sun during the eclipse. As always the people were warned not to see the eclipse with naked eyes instead they were recommended to use the special eclipse viewer glass which keeps them from harming their eyes. Apart from these some die-hard-eclipse fans bought Boeing 737 tickets to have a spectacular glance of the eclipse from the above skies above the Faroe Islands. Eclipses occur when the moon moves between the earth and sun and then the three align precisely. As the moon covers up the sun it creates a silver halo around it.

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