May 20, 2024
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Women stage protest seeking resignation of CJI

In an unprecedented development, a small group of women has staged protest outside the top court of the country seeking the resignation of the Chief Justice of India, who was given clean chit by an in-house committee constituted by him in the sexual harassment allegation levelled against him by a former employee of the top court.

The protesters have been forcefully removed from the premises of the court by the police authorities.

The protesters have alleged that the top court violated all existing norms. They have said that if the SC violated the norms there would be no value in the system.

The protesters have also claimed they were there to protect the value of the judicial system of the country.

The in-house committee recently found that there was no merit in the allegation against the CJI. The committee dismissed the complaint, giving clear chit to the CJI.

Actually, the committee was ready to hear what the woman had to say. But, after the initial hearing, she showed no interest to proceed.

There were allegations that some were trying to malign the image of the judicial system of the country.

A SC lawyer earlier claimed that he was offered a huge sum to file a fake case against the top judge of the country.

There were rumours that some corporate leaders involved in the alleged conspiracy against the top judge.

There are rumors that the majority of those participated in today’s protest have been leftists.

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