April 24, 2024
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“who’s the best, who’s the best”


Ishaan just happens to be a self-centered, immature, careless man-child who stands in front of the mirror asking “who’s the best, who’s the best” while he throws punches at himself like a boxer in order to boost himself up. He’s a charismatic and very good looking music producer who resides in Mumbai at his well-to-do girlfriend Anushka’s (who is played Chitrangada Singh) house where he doesn’t share the expenses of the household nor the workload. When she says “I love you,” his response is “I love me too.” He’s got his elder sister Shivani played by Mini Mathur protecting him, and he just happens to be “the apple” of his over protective mother’s eye played by Zarina Wahab. And then there’s the girl next door, the cute little bubbly fashion stylist and “part time electrician” Gauri who is played by Prachi Desai who unknowingly sways Ishaan’s curiosity .So now what’s the problem? Well Ishaan is just say a tad bit of a selfish jerk who devotes his life only to himself, and takes everything and everyone around him for granted but he’s way too good looking that the ladies just cannot resist him. The story goes like this. You got Ishaan making empty promises to his girlfriend of three years such as to take her to Pune to meet his parents, though he squanders his time away trying to pick up other girls from the pub or flirting with his sexy boss Bina (Raima Sen) who is trying to put him in his place or simply scanning the crowd for a hot looking girl. One night after a late night out Ishaan returns home in a hurry to get to his girlfriends flat, he find that she has thrown him out which becomes the beginning of a long downfall for Ishaan. He moves into a completely different middle class local area which is a downscale area when compared to his girlfriend’s posh apartment and his mother moves in with him from Pune to help her son come out of the troubles which he places himself into. Meanwhile enters the chirpy little girl next door Gauri who tells it to his face that though they are friends it does not mean that she’ll sleep with him and points out the hard truth as is to him making it so that he just can’t help but fall in love with her causing himself to be tangled in the love triangle. Now out of the blue comes the news from his sister about his girlfriend Anushka happening to be pregnant with his child, and upon hearing this a slap from his mother sends him to reconsider and open his eyes to what he had been so long blinded to, the responsibilities of a little thing called life!
I, Me Aur Main brings John Abraham to life with his famous half smiles, putting him in a new light for the critics who have been quoted for calling him “wooden” throughout his career. John has delivered his role wonderfully as he seems to have gotten under the skin of the character of Ishaan, as the self centered, girl crazed immature man child music producer. Though not everyone gets what they want in this movie unlike the many which audiences have become so used to seeing, where the movie ends in a big wedding scene, the movie keeps you in with its captivating composed songs such as “Saajna” and “Na jaane kahaan se,” leaving you wishing, and laughing. With women who chase after those hot looking self centric egotistical guys which they just can’t resist and the men who still have yet to grow up, this movie captures the essence of a love full of life, and a life full of fun leaving one to think about keeping the fun alive in all aspects of life always while still maintaining a sense of responsibility.


By Denisha Sahadevan


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