July 13, 2024

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I had undergone orthodontic treatment 7 years back but there are some spaces left in my upper and lower jaw. Some of my teeth look shorter while others are longer/ larger. I am a professional model but I am not able to smile confidently as my photographers always like my non-smiling picture. I do not have time for braces as I am busy with my career. How can I improve my smile? How long it will take without braces?
The size and shape of the teeth can be altered by gum contouring and veneers to give you a better smile. The spaces between teeth could be closed by nano ceramic restorations in a single appointment. The gum contouring and veneers may need 2 appointments and maximum of ten days to correct the problems. You can have smile simulation prior to the procedure to understand what can be done for your teeth.

My father 78 years old has lost most of his teeth. He has been wearing a removable denture for quite sometime. Recently we changed the denture as the old one were loose. Now he looks different and older and complains that he is not able to chew. Can you fix the teeth permanently.  Is it necessary to take out all teeth before doing dentures?
When you replace an old worn out denture you will have a fresh look. If you can get the photographs of your father during his younger days, we can try to make the approximate facial profile while making the new denture. The existing healthy teeth have to be preserved to get better retention and support. You may choose to go for implants to permanently fix the teeth to the jaw, if your father has no medical complications.

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