February 4, 2023
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What is Operation Greens Scheme and its Aims?

Operation Greens is a project approved by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries with the target to stabilise the supply of tomato, onion and potato crops (TOP crops) in India, as well as to ensure their availability around the country, year-round without price volatility.


Enhancing value realisation of Tomato, Onion and Potato (TOP) farmers by targeted interventions to strengthen TOP production clusters and their FPOs, and linking/connecting them with the market.

Price stabilisation for producers and consumers by proper production planning in the TOP clusters and introduction of dual use varieties.

Reduction in post-harvest losses by creation of farm gate infrastructure, development of suitable agro-logistics, creation of appropriate storage capacity linking consumption centres.

Increase in food processing capacities and value addition in TOP value chain with firm linkages with production clusters.

Setting up of a market intelligence network to collect and collate real time data on demand and supply and price of TOP crops.

*The strategy will comprise of a series of measures as decided by the Ministry which includes Short term Price Stabilisation Measures and Long Term Integrated value chain development projects.


The operation targets to replicate the success of the increase in production of milk in India through the implementation of Operation Flood. The operation will also aid in India’s goal of doubling farmer’s income by the year 2022.


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