June 24, 2021

Watch making is an art : D-Que Watches

UT-EN-june-July-17Final 3.inddWatch making is an art : An art that’s very precious. An art that needs a lot of concentration. More importantly, an art with very less tolerance. D-Que has mastered the art of watch making  with one of the finest stylish and elegant time pieces. Engineered and crafted with perfection, it defines your personality. To some it is just a time piece to keep note of time. But to some it is more than just a mere instrument to look at the time.

In this generation there isn’t a need of watch that simply tells you time. It’s the generation where watches have become a part of the personality. Moreover, it is been looked upon as a man’s best friend. People choose watches according to their lifestyle. For every occasion there needs to be a well crafted art in your wrist that stands out. You mere don’t look at the time, but the beauty that you poses in your hand. The kind of watch you choose denotes the kind of person you are.

Just like cars, watches to run around in a man’s brain. For every occasion there needs to be a time piece that suits the best. You cant go wearing a digital sports watch for a formal event. Its like you choose Toyota over a Porsche.


UT-EN-june-July-17Final 3.inddTo go with, D-Que presents watches for all the occasion. Their premium edition watches are specially designed and engineered to meet your official outlook. It has been specially designed to be worn on formal occasions. Also for those who like wearing classy and elegant timepieces in their hand, this would definitely make you approach more confidently and boost your style quotient.

Their sports edition watches as so light weighted that it perfectly fits in your wrist so that you could give your 100% without even bothering about its weight. It is also stylish, rugged and durable to even last through a big impact, which is common in a sportsman’s life.

For a fine evening, it comes up with general edition watches. Like said, D-Que has it for all the occasion. Be it a formal meeting or just a casual dine in with your friends or a game of squash. It serves for all your need.


UT-EN-june-July-17Final 3.inddFeaturing is the kids collection for your Junior. When “Pa” goes stylish why leave behind your blood empty handed. Kids collection features stylish and reasonable timepieces that can be worn on any occasion by minors. Guide him/her from now to choose the best when they grown up.

Lady is a huge blessing in your life. Let her know your love for her with D-Que watches for women. Beautifully designed with love for the love. A promise that she will fall for you again.

Along with personal style quotient, D-Que comes with attractive wall mounted time pieces which would brighten the surroundings with its attractive designs.

D-Que aims to capture the global market with the latest designs in collaboration with Hornbill Chronotechnology Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. It aims to serve you the best to seize the time and make memories with it. Welcome to the world of D-Que – an art of making beautiful watches and time instruments.





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