August 6, 2021
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Summer hair care tips

It’s very hot. Indeed, these days, trust me, I can’t imagine life without the air conditioner. Hair can be quite a setback for everyone during the summer season as the black hair absorbs heat and your backside will feel hot and sweaty. The sweat, in return, will lead to accumulation of dirt and odour. So, the dampness is felt in your hair. So how do we maintain all this?



It is recommended that you trim your hair occasionally by 1/4 an inch or few centimeters. This will help in handling splits on your hair. Importantly, during summer, shorter hair is easier to maintain.



Rinse your hair with cool water and apply shampoo, do this every three days. It will remove the dirt and other suspended particulate matter in the hair. Plus, the odour of the shampoo is another plus point. Do not use hair spray if you are sweating intensely.



Once your hair is dry, tie it into a single or double braid immediately. To an extent, the braids will help in preventing the accumulation of dirt and locks. The braids could be quite a summer fashion.



It might not be practical, to some it could be a challenge, but change your pillow cover to 100% silk, not satin, for this summer. Woven materials are not good for your hair.



Cover your head with a shawl or wear a soft hat to avoid the damage done by ultraviolet rays. The top portion of your head is extremely sensitive to the heat from the UV rays .The UV rays will also lead to hair loss.


Oil massage

You should give the scalp an oil massage and do this once a week at least. But, make sure that you avoid going out the day you do this massage as oil makes your head extra sensitive to the sun’s rays.


Summer is here indeed and we need to maintain the blankets of facial beauty. Follow these tips and result will be alluring.






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