May 27, 2024
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Vodafone Idea team to ease the life of public amid Lockdown

Coronavirus outbreak is now hitting the nation rapidly and public are staying home. As the lockdown has further extended till 3rd May working people have to work at home as to avoid contact with others. But businesses face a major challenge of making available their products and services to the needy. As there are many solutions for it nothing is as efficient as solutions provided by telecom providers, thanks to the holistic approach of the offerings.
During these most uneasy situations, Vodafone Idea Business Services is duty bound to support its enterprise customers. Business Continuity Program, which the company has already designed has not only made sure that its operations and customer connect is functioning smoothly, but also supports various businesses to formulate their business continuity program, when customer and employee connect is the major challenge.


Following are the solution put forth by the Vodafone group amid this Lockdown

1. Audio Conferencing Solution
The employer/ manager can get connected to the entire team on a single click, through Vodafone Idea Audio Conferencing Solution. A single click can initiate an audio conference, and the participants need not necessarily have a smart phone or internet connectivity. Apart from high definition audio quality for the chat, the entire conversation throughout the conference gets recorded as well. For its enterprise customers, during this lock down period, Vodafone Idea has made this service available without monthly rental for 3 months. Customers just need to send in a purchase order and Know Your Customer documents via email to get this activated.
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2. Vodafone Secure Device Manager (VSDM)
While most of the work force is now working from home, it becomes a necessity for them to access company emails and other official applications through their personal laptop, tab or mobile device that too via available public internet connectivity. In such a situation, Vodafone Secure Device Manager (VSDM) ensures data security. This application ensures full fledge security of company data including adherence to the data security policy of the company. Data security to the extent of disabling screen shot, Copy- Paste ensures 100% data security
This service is available free till 30th April.
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3. Cloud Telephony + auto receptionist service
Needless to say that one of the major challenges companies face now is missing to attend the calls coming to office/ showrooms. Cloud telephony from Vodafone Idea team is a solution for this problem. Here the authorized persons can attend the incoming calls from anywhere, and at any time. This capability enables business to automate routine tasks including lead management, order management, payments and collection, application integration etc. This service can be availabled even in the absence of internet connectivity. This solution also helps to create outbound call centers with agents sitting at their homes. This is available for monthly rentals starting Rs.1500.
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4.Mobile Advertising
During this lockdown period, reaching out to the customers is the biggest challenge. Vodafone Idea mobile advertising enables businesses to connect to segmented customer base via SMS/ flash message or voice note. More targeted communication is made possible by enabling the businesses to choose their target group based multiple attributes like age, location, purchasing power etc.

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5. Vodafone Mobile Work Force Essentials (VMWFE)
Most of the businesses handover paper receipts, invoices and order forms to their customers. In the current scenario, it is very much advisable to avoid these paper based transactions. Through this application of Vodafone Mobile Work force essentials ( VMWFE), designated employees can collect and upload any data real time from anywhere and thereby automate the process.

6. Data and Entertainment Packs
Excessive Data Quota for those who work from home is a fundamental requirement. My Vodafone app enables the employees to enhance their data quota without changing the base plan. Moreover, for those who require additional data, an all new RED X plan is now in the offering. On this plan the subscribers can enjoy 150 GB of data at 50 % more speed than a normal customer. One year free subscription of entertainment based packs like Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Zee 5 are also in the bouquet of offerings along with unlimited calls. Monthly rental at just Rs.999
This can be activated through my Vodafone app or just by clicking this link:

7. Web Buddy (Web site+ payment gateway)
In this ever-changing world, it is vital for even small businesses to be capable of selling online and accept payments online. The current lock down situation explains why. Two enable this Vodafone Idea has a robust offering named Web Buddy. Through these services, businesses or individuals can, register a website, design it, and also integrate various payment gateways. The services are available on annual rental basis, starting as low as Rs.2999/-
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8. Google Suit/ Microsoft office 356
For a better and efficient interaction with the employees and with the customers, vodafone Idea has made available Google Suit and Microsoft office 356 services as well. This can also enable employees to simultaneously work on a same document, spreadsheet or a presentation. This also enables the business to empower its employees with advanced features like shared documents, spread sheets and calendar for a team, collaborate through conferencing applications like meet/ teams, securely share files through cloud space and much more.
There services are available on monthly rental starting Rs.149

9. Data Center/ Co- location services
While lockdown prevails, it is better to shift servers to a secure cloud based platform. This will ensure uninterrupted availability of the portal and web based solutions for employees as well as customers. To enable this, Vodafone Idea has joined hands with Asia’s biggest tire 4 data center and made this service available for its enterprise customers at a very affordable rate.

10. Bulk Text/ Voice messaging services
This solution enables businesses to connect with their customers instantly via text message or voice note on a real-time basis.

These solutions are the perfect network connectivity rescuers during lockdown. So stay home be safe and join hands with Vodafone Idea team amid quarantine days to make your life ease and stress free.







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