March 1, 2024

VIRTUAL MEDIA : That friend your mom warned against

visual media

We are living in an era where technology has taken control over our feelings. It acts as a catalyst to our day to day activity. Unlike the past, where people held their heads high and straight, we have come to a generation where you can see thousand of people around us indulged in their gadgets with their heads down. Technology has definitely made our life better, but it has separated us from actual society. Social media, though has a lot of pros, cons are inevitable. Social media has created a virtual environment where emotions are replaced by emoticons, the word of mouth is replaced by word of sight. To argue, people might say it has connected people, but has it really connected ? Instead of talking to real time people, we find our comforts with our gadgets. These have separated us, especially the present generation from the real world.


It is saddening to see kids, mostly aged 3 – 5 or even more, playing games in their so called phones or I-pads. While these kids are busy engrossed in virtual games, we definitely had a better childhood. Running around in our house compound, trying to climb a tree, or even playing hide and seek, that has now been replaced by these so called gadgets. Parents definitely laugh it out that their kid is ahead in terms of technology, but forget the fact that in long run, it is going to affect him/her adversely.


In this generation, we definitely cannot stay away from our gadget, or even from our social media accounts, but we can reduce its usage and do more real time productive things. Try going out for a walk, leaving all the technology related things aside, you would finally connect with the real world. Your eyes that have been glued to a virtual object would get a moment of relief. A little break into nature also refreshes your mind. I can’t ask you to stop using the technology or quit social media, but what I can suggest is to take sometime out and reboot your self with the real time nature. If you continue to isolate yourself from real world, then consequences are going to harsh. Depression, Loneliness etc are some of the major concerns we could face if we continue to make virtual media our friend over our real time friends


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