June 24, 2024
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Grenade lobbed at Jammu bus stand

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The main bus station of Jammu has today suffered a serious grenade attack. As many of eighteen people has been injured in the attack. There are reports that the condition of one of those eighteen people who have been injured in the attack is critical. It is believed that the grenade has been lobbed at the bus station. It is not the first time the bus station has suffered the attack of this kind. In the recent past alone, the bus stand has suffered as many as two to three attacks.

The Jammu police have taken the situation under their control. The area has been sealed by the police authorities. A search operation has been launched to trace out the person who has lobbed the grenade.

The bus station has sustained some minute damages in the grenade attack. The details of those injured in the attack have not been released yet.

At this moment, it is remains unclear whether this is a terror attack or not. As per a preliminary assumption, it is a clear case of terror attack.

More details are awaited.     


Vignesh. S. G

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